Green Technology Elevator : Hyundai received ‘A’ class energy efficiency certificate

21 10 2010

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Hyundai received ‘A’ class energy efficiency certificate

  • Received energy efficiency certificate about major products from Tuv, German for the first time in Korean market
  • The remarkable effect of Hyundai’s regenerative inverter ‘LOWATT’ . Saving electricity bill about U$500 yearly from elevator operation in 30 story building
  • President Song, “World class product competitiveness in environment friendly & energy saving”

To reduce energy consumption of buildings, there are trials to put energy efficiency grade on elevators like appliances & vehicles

Hyundai Elevator Co., Ltd. declared on Aug. 9th that they acquired ‘A’ class energy efficiency certificate from German institute on their major products including 10mps ultra high speed elevator for the first time in Korean market

Elevator energy efficiency class VDI 4707 Part 1, introduced by The Association of German Engineers(VDI, Verein Deutscher Ingenirure) and certified by TUV (German safety monitoring institute), is classified into 7 grades from A to G (A is least consumption) after evaluating service hours, energy consumption during operation and average travel distance.

Hyundai Elevator explains that “the acquisition of ‘A’ class energy efficiency certificate is derived from regenerative inverter 1)LOWATT, our core technology. which saves energy consumption drastically.”

Hyundai’s LOWATT could increase the energy efficiency up to 77.5% by returning its regenerated energy to building lighting and climate control system which was generated during elevator operation.

Also, Hyundai awarded NeT(New Excellent Technology) certificate from Ministry of Science & Technology on its world first inverter LOWATT which reduces its size and extends its lifespan much longer by removing electrolytic condenser.

Hyundai revealed that “In case of 30 story building, elevator of ‘A’ class energy efficiency (with LOWATT inverter) could save its electricity bill up to U$500 yearly.

Currently, there is no Korean standard to measure elevator energy efficiency. However, energy efficiency class indication system promoted by government is spreaded with green campaign of construction business area.

Hyundai anticipates that they could meet customers expectation of environment-friendly building through their acquisition of ‘A’ class energy efficiency certificate which effected on their main products and brand like THE EL(Ultra high speed elevator), LUXEN(Digital gearless elevator), YZER(Machineroomless elevator).

Mr. Jin Chul, Song, president of this company, emphasized that “This acquisition of energy efficiency certificated based on international standard proves our world class technology of environment-friendly elevator” and “We would spur the development of green products continuously”




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