KLC; Korea Lift College

21 07 2011

Ada Pepatah jaman dulu, “Kalau mencari ilmu, belajarlah sampai ke negri China”.  Sekarang ini kalau mau belajar mengenai lift, belajarlah ke negri ginseng (Korea).

Berikut  beritanya (in english)

2010 is the milestone year for Korea as it marks the 100th anniversary since the lift industry was introduced. 60% of the Korean population resides in the apartment houses, which is the highest percentage in the world. The domestic market for the lift industry is the world’s third largest as it installs roughly 30,000 elevators a year. It amounts to 400,000 elevators in cumulative numbers, making Korea the world’s 8th-largest country in the number of installed elevators.

It is almost breathtaking to witness the growth of the lift industry across the globe in accordance with the boom in the world’s ultra skyscrapers construction demands. The most popular type is an elevator that runs 60m per minute, however, there is an ultra elevator of the new generation that runs 1,000m per minute. In addition, it is now possible for passengers to learn of diverse information and engage in interactive communications to outside entities within elevators. Now, the world is beyond the conventional form of vertical or horizontal operation it has arrived in the era where an space elevator is under development that would be in place of a spaceship projectile. That explains why elevators become the backbone infrastructure of the high-tech industry beyond the vertical traffic means, becoming the keyword in the city ubiquitous.

Korea Lift College will be established in 2010 in Korea for the first time in the world in the province of Geochang-gu, Gyeongsangnam-do to cultivate technical talents of the lift industry that grows leaps and bounds to be the state-of-the-art industry along with the construction boom in ultra skyscrapers. Korea Lift College, managed by the Korea Elevator Safety Institute, is the Employment Academy that produces global talents.

Korea Lift College will be resided by the Lift Industry Cluster Complex and the Lift Industry R&D Center. Centered on the Korea’s largest Geochang Lift Industry Valley, Korea Lift College will be firmly positioned as the global education Mecca in the high-tech industry that cultivates professionals for the lift industry in and outside Korea.

Young and aspiring minds who dream big dreams for the future! Elevate your aspirations and dreams at Korea Lift College. Korea Lift College promises you to cultivate and train you to become the top-notch high-tech engineers.

Thank you.




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