Hyundai Elevator becomes the first company to install double deck elevators in South Korea.

18 07 2013

double deck arangementHyundai Elevator announced they will install 12 elevators including high-speed elevators (4m/s, 4 units), escalators (2 units), and 2 double deck elevators in LG U+ building (21-story) in Yong-san. The project is scheduled for completion in February, 2015.

The Double Deck Elevator is a state-of-the art product and entails two cars attached one on top of the other, travelling together in one hoistway. The only installed double deck elevator in South Korea was in Hyundai Elevator’s Asan test tower installed in 2009.

The double deck elevator, to be installed in the LG U+ building, is the first double deck elevator to be used in a building in South Korea. A regenerative inverter will be applied to high-speed elevators enabling the energy generated by the motion of the car to be recycled.

double deck lobby

Double Deck Lobby

As this elevator can deliver passengers to 2 floors at the same time and has twice higher travel efficiency than single deck elevators, it is particularly efficient for high-rise buildings. Architecturally, it allows a much more efficient use of space by reducing the size of hoistway.

  A floor distance adjustable device is applied to double deck elevators, which enables the adjustment of the floor distance between the higher and lower cage. Likewise, far more complicated technologies are applied in double deck elevators such as a special traction machine to lift two cars at once and advanced technologies to control vibration, noise, and air pressure during operation.

Across the globe, only 600 double deck elevators are in operation at the moment. However, the long-term demand is expected to significantly increase and more high-rise buildings are to be built in China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

The CEO of Hyundai Elevator Han, Sang-ho announced, “advanced technology is required to build a double deck elevator proved from the fact that only 5 companies in the world is able to build and install a double deck elevator”. “Winning for this contract is not only meaningful to be the first company to install a double deck but also valuable result to open the era of double deck elevator in South Korea”.



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18 07 2013
Hefny Syarbaini

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