World’s Fastest Elevator: In China, but Made in Japan

29 09 2011

Diambil Dari Wall Street Journal.



The Shanghai Tower will be the tallest building in China with the world’s fastest elevator when finished in 2014

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. is one step closer to having its name etched into the world’s fastest elevator when the Shanghai Tower is completed, reclaiming the title it lost seven years ago.

Upon completion in 2014, describing the soaring Shanghai Tower will unavoidably call for a mouthful of superlatives. Among them will be the trio of what will be the world’s fastest elevators, shooting up the skyscraper at a speed of 1,080 meters per minute.

The ear-popping speed squeaks past the elevators in Taipei 101, which currently tout the record speed of 1,010 meters per minute. Baca entri selengkapnya »

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